Skånetrafiken is responsible for the public transport in Skåne. They are available for anyone who lives, works and travels in Skåne. Everyday 250,000 people travel. CGI works on the external net, but also the internal net of Skånetrafiken. Visit the Skånetrafiken website on

For this project my work was divided into UX/UI Design and Front-end development. Where my UX/UI improvements are made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The development is HTML/CSS (scss) in Visual Studio on a virtual machine.


HTML SCSS UX/UI Design Responsive design

Working at Skånetrafiken

For this project I create UX/UI improvements and work on the front-end. UX/UI improvements like a redesign of the header or adding a button to the buying process. Where this button should be placed? How this button should look?

In this project accessibility is key. Every user should always be able to look up their journey through the website. When it comes to accessibility, there is a lot to read into. As luckily there is a lot available now a days. So we can make the web accessible for everybody!