Violet88 is a full service internet agency, based in Utrecht. The website was outdated, not user friendly and did not meet the wishes of the target audience. I did an extensive investigation about the identity of Violet88, but also the image of the company. This was created by lots of contact with the client and employees of Violet88. And at the same time interviewing the target audience and the current costumers. This contact with the stakeholders helped with creating a user friendly redesign for desktop and mobile. The key in this project was to have the identity in mind, so the right look-and-feel would be recognized by the target audience. The desktop version of the new website was tested with the target audience with help of a high-fi prototype. Based on these results the design was improved. I wrote an advice for the client to substantiate the changes.

The result is now a working product on *

Working on this project, I made use of Illustrator to create the designs. With help of InVision, I created a high-fi clickable prototype.

*This project was done in 2017, since then, changes have been made.


Research Concepts Sketches Flowcharts Wireframes Prototypes Advisory report Visual designs Style guide Usability testing

4 phases

This project is divided in 4 phases; the look and listen phase, create concepts, design details and evaluation. Why? Because all these topics needed full attention to develop the best fitting end product. The look and listen phase is all about research. Research about the company and its target audience. The next phase is all about creating concepts, with help of the information gathered during research. These concepts are turned into designs during the design details phase. And the last phase is called the evaluation phase, which focuses on testing the design.

Dive into the research!

Brainstorm sessions

To create concepts, I tackled different UX methodes and techniques. One of them was doing a brainstorm session with the client. Doing this, I made sure I had a lot of different brainstorm techniques ready for them, since sometimes brainstorm sessions can be a bit difficult for people.


What is a persona? A persona is a fictive person, made visual, with help of real data found by doing research. Research like desk research, interviews or surveys for example. With help of a persona, you can keep the user in mind at all times. It is also of great help for the other members of the team, so they know their target audience as well. For this project I made 3 personas, one showed below. In the persona there will topics like: goals, activities, interests, opinions, customer journey, irritations, motivations and cladistics. During this project this helped me a lot with making and explaining design decisions, since Violet88 has a broad target audience.