Kraftringen is an energy company with the ambition to be lead of the energy market. I just started working on the Kraftringen project since February 2019. At this project I mainly work as Front-end Developer, but I also do some UX/UI design tasks. Visit the kraftringen website on

For this project I work namely with HTML and CSS (scss). My designs are made with Adobe Illustrator.


HTML SCSS UI Design Responsive design

Working at Kraftringen

Kraftringen is a project where I got the chance to work on my front-end development skills. Because if the big project and the great and organized set-up of the SCSS, I learned a lot about a good structured coding. I also learned more about browser specific bugs and the world of coding a outlook email with html for example.

Maintenance page

The maintenance page is one example of the work I do at Kraftringen. For this I did the design and the development. When the website of Kraftringen is down, or under maintenance, a page is needed that give the visitor some information. A page in style of Kraftringen, with an electrical cord as playful touch. A desktop and mobile design are delivered, made into a responsive webpage.