UX Brochure

At first, the idea was to create a small document and show a couple of examples. But I think UX is way more than only a few examples. You have to take the costumer through the UX journey, so they really understand what a UX Designer can do for their project. So I decide to make a brochure, based on the triple diamond created by the UX practice. This triple diamond shows the different phases of a UX designer: discover, create and deliver.

I wrote the text, and created the brochure with Adobe Indesign.


Content Brochure design

Research, writing, designing

Because of my study Communication and Multimedia design and my work experience as a UX designer, I am known with all the techniques and methods. But as a UX designer, I did research about each topic anyway, to get the best end result. A valuable point in this brochure, is that I highlighted the values for the customer with every technique. This helps to give a quick inside of the benefits. After writing all the texts, I gathered projects from CGI to give the reader a real example of a solution. And all of this were bundled in an Adobe Indesign document.

The triple diamond

The triple diamond. A concept created by the UX practice at CGI. A guideline to work with as a UX designer and also a guideline that gives this brochure its structure.

UX design is something different then UI design. It is everything before and after the UI design. The discover phase: discover your users, discover the assginment, discover the company. How can you create a concept, if you don't know who and why you are creating it for? After that, the create phase, it's time to create those concepts. Make sketches and test this with the users. This all to deliver a suiteable end product in the last phase: deliver.